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Move-Out Day Letters

We’re sad to see you go! It has been a pleasure having you as a resident at Sol at West Village, but we understand all good things can’t last forever. Make move-out day a breeze with these helpful resources from our management team.

Chose your move-out date below to download your move-out letter.

Move-In Day Letters

Keep the stress to a minimum on move-in day — our team covers all the information you’ll need to make moving into our UC Davis apartments as easy as can be. Have any additional questions? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be happy to help!

Chose your move-in date below to download your move-in letter.

Solstice Community (9/01/2020) move in time slots:

10:00am: 2150 Tilia, 2145 Jade, 255 Celadon, & 225 Celadon.

12:00pm: 220 Celadon, 250 Celadon, 1890 Tilia, & 1885 Jade.

2:00pm: 2120 Tilia, 2080 Tilia, 2075 Jade, 2040 Tilia, & 2035 Jade.

Ramble/Viridian Communities (9/15/2020) move in time slots:

8:00am: 301 Sage, 1721 Hutchison, 201 Sage, & 1575 Jade.

10:00am: 1545 Jade, 1739 Hutchison, & 215 Sage.

12:00pm: 1540 Jade, 100 Sage, & 1715 Tilia.

2:00pm: 110 Sage, 1743 Hutchison, & 1605 Tilia.

4:00pm: 1655 Hutchison, 1538 Jade, & 1590 Tilia.